Apps Special Needs

Apps Special NeedsThe Lovaas Foundation is fully committed to use new technologies as accessories and tools to reinforce our treatments and services.

The Foundation currently has two apps in the market which can be useful to teach children with special educational needs.


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Abaplanet is the second app designed by the Lovaas Foundation. This application offers:

  • Receptive language and matching exercises.

  • A database of 350 concepts of basic vocabulary.

  • A reinforcement system for correct answers.

  • An intelligent expert system and an advanced configuration options that allow you to easily adapt the activities to each child.

  • A full logging system about the children’s answers.

  • Customization of the App to each child.

It is available in the App Store on Ipad.
You can also visit its webpage at www.abaplanet.com

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iSequences is an educational app for children based on 100 sequences represented by 6 characters to work with through four general areas:

  • Autonomous habits like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, getting dressed or going to bed.

  • Fun activities like going to the beach, to the movies or do sports.

  • Every day situations like falling down, taking the bus, going the doctor, buying bread or getting wet in the rain.

  • Emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise or fear.

It is available in the App Store on iPad and also in the Google Play on Android.
You will also find the Lite version on the following links: Lite Version for iPad and Lite Version for Android.

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Planeta Imaginario Apps

Apps for iPad, by Fundación Planeta Imaginario

The Planeta Imaginario Foundation is fully committed to using new technologies as accessories and tools to reinforce our treatments and services.


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