What is iSequences?

iSequences is an educational app for children based on 100 sequences represented by 6 characters to work with through four general areas:

  • Autonomous habits like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, getting dressed or going to bed.
  • Fun activities like going to the beach, to the movies or doing sports.
  • Everyday situations like falling down, taking the bus, going the doctor, buying bread or getting wet in the rain.
  • Emotions like happiness, sadness, surprise or fear.

iSequences helps to improve social skills and emotion recognition and it can be used in both, familiar and educational sphere.

iSequences can be used as an educational complement for children in general, although its content and its functioning have been specifically designed for children with special needs.

Different exercises


To put in order

With these exercises the child must put in order the 3-4 images of a sequence.

What will happen next?

With these exercises, children have to choose the correct end among two or three possibilities for an specific sequence.



Children must select how the character is feeling in front of a particular situation.

ABA Methodology

Reinforcements within the App

iSequences includes sounds and images inserted between exercises to keep the child motivated.


Incorrect answers

When the child is mistaken, an answer from the App is shown. The screen goes dark for a while in order to get the opposed effect from the one which goes with the correct answer (sounds and graphical effects).


After incorrect answers, the child will be asked to do the exercises again but, at this time, the app will show a clue to the right answer. The different clues depend on the type of exercise.



iSequences includes configuration options that guarantee the possibility of being adapted to every child’s needs.

In this way, the user can choose among: showing or not texts or audios, increasing or not the time between sequences (this will allow the adult to work specific concepts from the sequence with the kid), or setting up inactivity alerts that notify when the app is not in use.

This app also allows to set up elements such as the reinforcements, to choose how the image moves on the screen (for children with difficulties in the fine motor skills) and also the exercises and their difficulty.


iSequences is available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German.

In progress...

iSequences is updated every year with new configuration options. Help us to improve by sending your comments about possible improvements.

Available in:

iSequences in AppStore
iSequences in Tabeo

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