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Planeta Imaginario Foundation is starting, once again, a training tour while developing Training Programs focused in ABA methodology. During the months of April and May we will be giving three new courses in Texas (USA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Specifically, during the 21st and 24th of April we will do the intensive training course in Killen (Texas), oriented to Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. This course will be done thanks to the collaboration of the Texas Occupational Therapy Association.

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2 abril TEA ABA Investigación

That is why since then, every April 2nd Planeta Imaginario Foundation gets covered in blue to divulge what autism is, how detecting it and the most important, how treating it.

The epidemiological data about the rate of ASD, according to different researches and webs of reference, is 1 over 682 kids. It seems this incidence is maintained in time concerning the number of boys and girls that are diagnosed, being between 3 and 4 times higher in boys. Currently in Spain there are about 50.000 children with autism.

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 Qué es el método ABA

What is the ABA Intervention model? Which is its origin? How does it work?

Here we offer an introduction.

First, what do we understand by ABA? It corresponds to "Applied Behavior Analysis".

The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a branch of Psychology that has provided a large amount of scientific studies –published at magazines with methodology review criteria- proving the efficacy of diverse procedures and behavioral techniques in reducing inappropriate behaviors, while increasing the repertoire of appropriate behaviors and new skills, specifically in children with autism.

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Sentencias Tratamiento ABA

It is well known the amount of difficulties that parents of kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorder find once their kids are diagnosed. One of the first difficulties they find is the insufficient services provided to kids with ASD by the Public Health System which is specifically a maximum of 1h 30’ per week (this amount can vary depending on the location). This fact is far from the minimum recommended hours for the treatment of children with ASD, as well as the kind of treatment they should receive. 

This fact contrasts with the current consensus among the medical international institutions, who consider that an effective treatment has to be intensive (a minimum of 20h per week), early and behavioral.

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Apps destacadas 2015 EEUU

During the past 2015 the apps developed by Planeta Imaginario Foundation have been used by thousands of users, who emphasize their high functionality for children with autism to learn. These apps are based in ABA methodology and focused in developing social and language skills.

As a result of this growing interest, the website Autism Speaks gives us recognition, recommending Abaplanet as a platform that helps the development of language skills, both for children with ASD and children other learning disorders.

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Calendario ABA Training 2016

The training department of Planeta Imaginario Foundation closes the year 2015 with a very positive balance with the training activities developed during last year, focused in ABA methodology for children with autism.

During the last year there have been a total number of 15 workshops in cities as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Ibiza and others abroad like Argentina, United States or Chile. Concurrently, Planeta Imaginario Training has stablished agreements with universities as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the International University of Catalonia and the University of Seville.

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Felices Fiestas 2015 EN

The staff of Fundación Planeta Imaginario wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We will continue adding to that 2016 is a great year for all who confide in the Fundacion Planeta Imaginario.


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Jornadas Martorell Noviembre 2015 FPI

Planeta Imaginario Foundation took part in the Conference about Autism Spectrum Disorder organized by Psicocat Orientació organization from Martorell and in collaboration with ASSOTEA and l'Ajutament de Martorell.

Lots of reference professionals from the ASD field attended the event, such as Berta Salvado (Neuropsychologist and Director of COADI), Jose Manuel Segundo (Psychologist and Training Director of Specialistern), as well as CIEL center, represented by Dr. Gladys Williams’ team. The two-day conference ended with Víctor Rodríguez, Director of Planeta Imaginario Foundation, who made an introduction to theoretical and practical bases in language development and socialization for kids with autism.

The aim of this conference was giving a general vision about Autism Spectrum Disorder, detection, diagnose orientation and intervention.

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 Fundación and Dinamiks

Planeta Imaginario Foundation keeps growing, and this year we have established a new collaboration agreement with Dinamiks Education and Leisure. We are taking part in one of the activities that Dinamiks offers with social commitment, BTTEA.

This activity has the goal of bringing sports to kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) through bicycle, enhancing their autonomy, self-esteem and developing their psychomotor skills, while enjoying sports and bicycle in an inclusive way.   

The aim of this project is creating a learning methodology based on ABA for all those kids with ASD who want to learn riding a bike.

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Fundación Autism Speaks Noviembre 2015

Planeta Imaginario Foundation took a new training program in the USA, at the Lovaas Institute of Minnesota. Víctor Rodríguez, Foundation’s Director, visited the center, managed by Eric Larsson, President with Honours of the Planeta Imaginario Foundation and CEO at Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention.

As every year, the Foundation gets updated by doing training with Eric Larsson’s team, with the goal of updating ABA procedures we use. It is a pleasure knowing we have the opportunity of being trained by the main reference center in the world. 

Concurrently, Planeta Imaginario Foundation was invited to take part at “Autism Law Summit” organized by Autism Speak. This event had the aim of spreading the need to make legal changes that promote grants on ABA treatments for kids with ASD.

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