Interview at “TV3alacarta” about iSequences

iSecuencias TV3alacarta

It is increasingly common nowadays, the use of tablets with different purposes. Whether the aim is business, leisure or education, tablets have turned into an important part of our daily life as well as they are gaining terrain in the technological field.
Tablets have also become and educational tool for professionals working in the autism field. Among other features, their touchscreen allow to see the result of the action done immediately.

Víctor Rodríguez, the clinical director of the Planeta Imaginario Foundation, leaves proofs of this tablet's quality during the interview carried out by TV3 on august, 2012: "When using a mouse, the kid has to understand that his own movement is reflected in the screen. Whereas in iPads, the movement itself is the answer".

The interview was focused on iSequences, an app developed by Planeta Imaginario Foundation (with the help of AjutspuntCAT) that allow to work through sequences different aspects such as:
- Autonomy Habits: to wash hands, to brush teeth, to get dressed, to go to sleep.
- Playful activities and events: to go to the beach, to go to the cinema, to practice sports.
- Daily life situations: to catch the bus, to visit the doctor, to buy some bread, to get wet with the rain.
- Feelings: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, that appear as a consequence of what has happened.

You can accede to the full interview through the next link iSeuqences_Tv3alacarta.





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