Parents get favorable sentence to cover treatment expenses

Sentencias Tratamiento ABA

It is well known the amount of difficulties that parents of kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorder find once their kids are diagnosed. One of the first difficulties they find is the insufficient services provided to kids with ASD by the Public Health System which is specifically a maximum of 1h 30’ per week (this amount can vary depending on the location). This fact is far from the minimum recommended hours for the treatment of children with ASD, as well as the kind of treatment they should receive. 

This fact contrasts with the current consensus among the medical international institutions, who consider that an effective treatment has to be intensive (a minimum of 20h per week), early and behavioral.

Once parents realize their kids need a treatment, they have to look for other private services that bring a global and individual attention to their kids.

Some families report the lack of services and appropriate interventions for their kids. In some cases the report turns into judicial processes with the aim of getting economic support from the Public Administration to cover the intervention chosen by the parents.

That is why Planeta Imaginario Foundation, after years of arduous judicial processes, want to announce the last favorable sentences got lately.

The cases presented below, belong to the end of a judicial process started by two families who decided to demand the Public Health System of Catalonia and the Valencian Community, with the goal of receiving the corresponding amount of sanitary expenses invested during their kid’s treatment. In both cases, the process has lasted some years so until the final resolution families have covered the costs of the treatment. 

From these sentences, there was a contestation document where we claim the Public Health System itself recommends a Behavioral Therapy, intensive and individualized that allows with a higher frequency and dedication than the ones public centers can offer.  

As you will read on the resolutions, claims are supported by the testimony of hospital centers such as Granollers Center and Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona), as well as by “CERAC” (in Spanish, Centro Especializado de Rehabilitación de Personas con Autismo de Cataluña – Specialized Rehabilitation Center for Autistic People of Catalonia). On the other hand, the Hospital of Granollers also recommends an intensive behavioral thearpy. The other two centers emphasize the significant evolution observed in the child after the intervention.

The Foundation wants to thank these families their effort and persistence to look for the best for their kids, that in the end is the best for people with ASD.

As follows, we attach different files that refer to the resolutions till now:

Sentencia 2012

Sentencia en Social Primera Instancia

Recurso de Suplicación

Archivo de ExpedienteArchivo de Expediente

Concurrently, we provide some links where ABA is recognized as the most recommendable intervention program.






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