Planeta Imaginario Foundation was invited to take part in the Conference: Autism Spectrum Disorder in Martorell

Jornadas Martorell Noviembre 2015 FPI

Planeta Imaginario Foundation took part in the Conference about Autism Spectrum Disorder organized by Psicocat Orientació organization from Martorell and in collaboration with ASSOTEA and l'Ajutament de Martorell.

Lots of reference professionals from the ASD field attended the event, such as Berta Salvado (Neuropsychologist and Director of COADI), Jose Manuel Segundo (Psychologist and Training Director of Specialistern), as well as CIEL center, represented by Dr. Gladys Williams’ team. The two-day conference ended with Víctor Rodríguez, Director of Planeta Imaginario Foundation, who made an introduction to theoretical and practical bases in language development and socialization for kids with autism.

The aim of this conference was giving a general vision about Autism Spectrum Disorder, detection, diagnose orientation and intervention.

As well as giving a clarifying and scientific vision about ASD and their most relevant cognitive particularities in order to understand autism.

The conference brought the opportunity to get to know the main intervention techniques and treatment in ASD based on scientific evidences: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), picture exchange communication system (PECS), alternative and augmentative communication systems (AACS), TEACCH method, among others.

It was a pleasure participating in such conference. We would like to show our grattitude to Psicocat Orientació, ASSOTEA and Ajuntamente de Martorell for giving us the possibility of taking part.

Planeta Imaginario Foundation


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