Planeta Imaginario Apps brings AbapPlanet to Special Education Centres

 Colaboracions Apps Educació Especial

With our first iSecuencias’ proposal, that has exceeded the 300,000 downloads Worldwide, and now with AbaPlanet, Planeta Imaginario Appps intends to advance in the world of new technologies applied to learning of children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and to look for synergies and exchanges of information with specialized centres.

Planeta Imaginario Apps bets hard for his latest app AbaPlanet and expands its implementation in three new centres of Special Education in the Spanish territory.

We are delighted to present the new partnerships established with different centres of Barcelona, specifically Escola Fàsia and Autisme Gurú Private Foundation and at national level with Aula TEA ICT from the Development Autism Association in Albacete.

Planeta Imaginario Apps offers, both to the professionals and families, the training required to get the most out of AbaPlanet, to get the correct understanding of the results, and to know how to choose/create individual sessions for specific profiles, in order to achieve the learning and encourage the autonomous work of children, and to give the families therapeutic quality tools at minimal cost.

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This common project was born with the aim to ease the learning of basic vocabulary through activities based on the ABA method, which offers a wide variety of different configurations of prizes and helps adapted to each profile in addition to an intelligent system that increases or decreases the difficulty of the exercises depending on the student's response.

Currently, some collaborating centres have already sent us their impressions and their students’ reactions after working with AbaPlanet, and they claim that "some kids are accelerating their pace of learning new vocabulary” or “we were not able to make some children learn but now, with Abaplanet, they are learning”. In some cases, this learning is transferred to natural contexts, causing the child who has learned the word pen, can respond to instructions as “go and get the pen” in a classroom full of children. In this way, learning is not only referred to iPad images, learning means to use this knowledge in daily life and in natural contexts of children and their families.

With a firm reliance on collaboration and knowledge transfer between professionals, we are working on projects to join forces in the same direction: progress and social inclusion. We would like to thank once again to our partners!

Here you will find a link to the piece of news shown in TV3 last June 7.

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