The 2016-2017 course begins for our Internship Students. Welcome!

Cursos ABA 2016

As each new academic year, Planeta Imaginario Foundation stats its training period for internship students from several universities that currently collaborate with the Foundation.

The students have the opportunity to take part in sessions with the different children that we work with (making observations, doing some material or observational records, as well as other tasks related to the ABA methodology), ...

At the same time, they attend the weekly or biweekly supervisions with all the team, being able to follow the team dynamics and the clinical decision making in each case.

On the other hand, the theoretical classes are provided by our different professionals, with the aim of giving an approach of the theoretical basis on the ABA intervention model.

In this sense, a part from being an center that give ABA treatment to children with autism, it is also a training center, so it is one of our foundational objectives to share our knowledge and experience with future professionals who initiate their work in the field of psychology, education and accompaniment of people with specific needs.

To date, the Planeta Imaginario Foundation is a reference center for internship students for centers such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the ABA Master of Spain, the International University of Catalonia, as well as other centers and schools among Catalonia.

You can find more information in the following Training link.

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