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You will find the whole information about grants and assistance offered by Government for children with specific educational needs.

Their web site also offers on-line service. Here the link.

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Prat Radio Entrevista

 Last Wednesday Planeta Imaginario Foundation shared with Prat Ràdio our clinic project for children with autism, explained by Víctor Rodríguez, Foundation’s Clinic Director.

In the following link you will the interview (minute 7 of the second hour). We shared our professional activity with Prat Ràdio’s listeners, emphasizing our clinic function in children with ASD treatment. We also gave some details about the apps we developed that are currently available: iSecuencies and abaplanet.

During the interview Víctor Rodríguez noted that “Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides intensive intervention programs for children with autism in early ages”. Also that “in the late 90s we imported an intervention protocol from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) focused in specific treatment for this children in a family and school context”.

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Entrevista Rtve Autismo Fundación Planeta

Last Thursday 14th of May the Training Director of Specialsterne José Segundo and our Clinical Director Victor Rodriguez, made an interesting interview in “El MatÍ - Radio 4”, about treatment in children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and the work made by Fundación Planeta Imaginario, on the following link you could listen the complete interview.


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Reunión Equipo Fundación2015

Last Friday 15th we made a meeting with all members of our staff.

Firstly, we emphasized we are currently 23 members. We haven’t reached this number before!

That means we are doing a great job that is making our project grow. Congratulations team!

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Qué sabemos hoy sobre el autismo

What do we now nowadays about autism? And what do we not know...

Internet is an infinite resource that offers immeasurable amounts of bibliography concerning ASD. Having such amount of resources can lead you sometimes to useless contents or not verified articles.

From Planeta Imaginario Foundation we want to suggest you some bibliography scientifically contrasted that we consider as a useful guide for parents and professionals about ASD.

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At present it is not clear exactly what variables cause a repertory of behaviours consistent with a diagnosis of ASD3

There are probably many factors that contribute to the development and appearance of autism. Some are present at the moment of the child’s birth (genetic factors), while there may also be some environmental factors that contribute. Everything seems to indicate that there is a convergence of variables that come together in a child set off a chain reaction of symptoms. What does seem clear is that the risk of having autism increases if a member of the family has already been diagnosed. Finally it is important to emphasize that research has shown that the style of parenting is not a genuine cause, and nor is autism caused by vaccines.

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¡Fundación Planeta Imaginario is going to offer a benefit concert next november 20th!

After the success we had in the last benefit concert on 2012 at the same place Sala Luz de Gas and with the same Band PORFINVIERNES, here it goes again!

The advanced-ticket revenues will be integrated for Fundacion Planeta Imaginario. Contact us and reserve your tickets at:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Congreso Savecc 2014

Planeta Imaginario is traveling to Sevilla to attend the Annual Meeting SAVECC.

Victor Rodgriguez, Fundación Planeta Imaginario's clinical director, has been invited to the closing speech of the Third Congress of the Society for Advancing Scientific Study of Behavior (SAVECC).

This conference takes place from september 18th to September 20th at the University of Huelva (Spain), and it will discuss the Functional Behavior Analysis as well as the basic, applied, and conceptual aspects of behavioral psychology.

Here we provide you the link for more information on the Congress Savecc

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Do you know that two useful apps to teach children with special educational needs are commercially available?


You can find more information about our apps and all their features in the section Apps of our website: types of exercises, set up, application-related news and much more!


Click here and take a look!

Enjoy it!


Remember we are also on Facebook and on TW!

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Last February, the 14th, the Planeta Imaginario Foundation celebrated its 11th anniversary. Every year, by this date, we are happy to know that our project is moving forward, as our kids and their family do.  

As if this was not enough, the Foundation keeps on going with its parallel projects “Planeta Imaginario Apps” and “Planeta Imaginario Training".

Due to this, we are proud to share with you our anniversary trough our webpage, as well as to know that you all rely on us.

Happy birthday to everyone who makes this possible.

The Planeta Imaginario Foundation team.

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