Planeta Imaginario Foundation staff meeting

Reunión Equipo Fundación2015

Last Friday 15th we made a meeting with all members of our staff.

Firstly, we emphasized we are currently 23 members. We haven’t reached this number before!

That means we are doing a great job that is making our project grow. Congratulations team!

During this meeting we were updating our team about the different departments in our Foundation and their progresses during this last year.

The clinic department, composed by all our members, has mainly grown because the clinic work we are developing has a greater impact in our children and their families.

The Training department, also known as Planeta Imaginario Training, is also increasing their ABA-based workshops each year.

Planeta Imaginario Apps has launched two apps: AbaPlanet (recently released) and an upgraded version of iSequences (which has thousands of downloads around the world).

At the same time, our social media have also amplified their number of followers in all our profiles (Facebook and Twitter), which is crucial to spread our professional activity for those who need it most.

Thanks to each one’s contribution, our daily clinic activity becomes better. Because no one is better than all of us together!

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