Autism – What do we know (and what we don’t know yet)

Qué sabemos hoy sobre el autismo

What do we now nowadays about autism? And what do we not know...

Internet is an infinite resource that offers immeasurable amounts of bibliography concerning ASD. Having such amount of resources can lead you sometimes to useless contents or not verified articles.

From Planeta Imaginario Foundation we want to suggest you some bibliography scientifically contrasted that we consider as a useful guide for parents and professionals about ASD.

Next, 10 references available in the internet that will be really helpful to start getting information about ASD:

  1. 10 things to know about the last evidences about autism:

  2. Autism Spectrum Disorders

  3. Signs and symptoms

  4. Detectionón-temprana-del-transtorno-del-espectro-autista-en-opinión-de-zamora.html

  5. ABA treatment

  6. “Behavioral treatment and educational and intellectual functioning” by O. Ivar

  7. “Long-Term Outcome for Children With Autism Who Received Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment”

  8. “Results of Intensive Behavioral Therapy in early childhood” by Salvador Peydró

  9. MMR vaccine doesn’t increase the risk of autism

  10. What’s new in stereotypy treatment and handling

And last but not least, here’s an excellent video that also brings valuable information about ASD.

We hope this links are helpful.

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