What is ABA method and how does it work?

 Qué es el método ABA

What is the ABA Intervention model? Which is its origin? How does it work?

Here we offer an introduction.

First, what do we understand by ABA? It corresponds to "Applied Behavior Analysis".

The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a branch of Psychology that has provided a large amount of scientific studies –published at magazines with methodology review criteria- proving the efficacy of diverse procedures and behavioral techniques in reducing inappropriate behaviors, while increasing the repertoire of appropriate behaviors and new skills, specifically in children with autism.

The three basic principles of the ABA intervention model are: 

  1. Analysis – The progress is evaluated from the registered interventions and measurements taken.
  2. Behavior – Based on scientific behavioral principles. 
  3. Applied – Principles applied to the behavior observed.

This intervention model comes from the United States, specifically from the research developed by dr Lovaas at the department of Psychology of the University of Los Angeles-California, in 1987. Dr. Ivar Lovaas proved that the behaviors of autistic children can be modified using the ABA methodology. With his study he proved that most of the children that get an ABA intervention could be significantly benefited and even lose diagnose after years of therapy.

The development of the ABA treatment requires some previous steps before the intervention starts:

  1. Evaluation of the child before starting the treatment. 
  2. An individualized intervention design.
  3. Establishment of the ratio of hours of treatment. Around 20 and 40h per week.
  4. Specific training of the therapists that develop the intervention, as well as training the closest members around the child (parents).

Once established the previous steps, it is essential marking the basic structures of the ABA methodology, like:

  1. The discrete trial.
  2. Presentation and withdrawal of supports.
  3. Searching for effective reinforcements.
  4. Systematic registration.

The methodologic ABA bases and the previous steps make this intervention model effective for children with ASD to acquire new skills and a bigger impact in their development.

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