Planeta Imaginario starts a training period abroad: USA and Argentina are our next stops

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Planeta Imaginario Foundation is starting, once again, a training tour while developing Training Programs focused in ABA methodology. During the months of April and May we will be giving three new courses in Texas (USA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Specifically, during the 21st and 24th of April we will do the intensive training course in Killen (Texas), oriented to Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. This course will be done thanks to the collaboration of the Texas Occupational Therapy Association.

It is already three years since Planeta Imaginario Foundation is collaborating with the Center KidZ TherapEZE of Texas. We are really glad to keep visiting the origins of ABA as trainers.

Once the course in Texas will be finished, we will move to Buenos Aires, for the fifth consecutive year, to continue the training courses at Fundación Asemco, where we feel like home. For further information about the course, open the followinglink.

We also inform you that our next training course in Spain will take place in Madrid the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April.

From Planeta Imaginario Foundation, we keel focused in training professionals and centers as an essential part of our foundational aims, emphasizing in giving the best professional performance to bringing a better quality of life to people with ASD. Our training is always based in contrasted and updated methodologies by the most relevant centers that develop ABA Interventions.

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