Training Courses at the USA and Argentina have come to an end. ABA, a common project!

 ABA EEUU 2016 Abril

Planeta Imaginario Foundation finished the stage at the USA and Argentina. The reception of our Foundation has been incredible at both destinations, and so has been the interest of the participants in learning.

Once the internship has ended, the first conclusion we obtain is the evident increase and interest in training and improving the aptitudes in ABA methodology, with the purpose of improving our work with the children.

During the international stage, specifically, at the course of ASEMCO Foundation(Argentina) that was both online and in-persone, we had more than 300 registered participants. On the other hand, at the Killen Center(Texas) we’ve been training the total of their motivated and committed staff. Great opportunities at both destinations!!

Till now, it’s been more than 15 years giving courses based on ABA methodology! During these years, we’ve become a referent in terms of training and clinic practice with people with ASD and we’ve also learned how challenging it is responding to the specific and common needs of the participants of our courses. Everywhere we go, questions are as diverse and specific as the challenges that our kids show us every day. That is why with every course, either in Barcelona or abroad, we get to know and understand better the complexity we confront daily. We want to thank you your support and trust that makes us better with every course.

Next, some of the enthusiastic feedbacks we have received from families and professionals. Lots of thanks for your messages that encourage us to keep working on our young project! 

It is a pleasure being part of your work and that we all help to make ABA a common project. As one of our colleagues says, “higher than us there is just the sky!”

Here you’ve got the link with pictures of the whole stage.

Be ready because we keep going! Next destinations: Seville, Barcelona, Malaga…

Planeta Imaginario Foundation

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