Planeta Imaginario Foundation and the School Meritxell star an agreement to develop a Training Plan in ABA, Theoretic and Practical

 Proyecto Andorra ABA 2016

Planeta Imaginario Foundation starts a new training project in Andorra. The ones receiving this training are the school Meritxell, a center of national reference in training and educating people with disabilities in Andorra.

The cooperation agreement will start in June and will bring the ABA intervention modelin both theoretical and practical terms, to Andorra and specifically to the School Meritxell.

This new project will be developed during the next 8 months, since June 2016 until January 2017, with the aim of implementing the ABA intervention through the professionals working at this center. We will initially work with several of their professionals to develop the interventions of two specific patients from the School Meritxell that have been chosen as models to develop the practical training.

The consultors from the Foundation, Joan Alsina and Sandra Ballesta, will travel there monthly from June and on, to follow the chosen patients and start a face-to-face and virtual monitoring. The monthly workshops will treat in a theoretical and practical way, how to deal with basic sides of behaviour, always from the perspective of the ABA model (Applied Behavioural Analysis).

At the same time and during October, Víctor Rodríguez, Director of the Foundation, will perform the Theoretical Training Course in ABA with the goal of complementing the practical training done during the previous months of the course. During a whole weekend, the course will initiate, through a contrasted theoretical base, the introduction to the ABA intervention model and its implementation. This course has been taught all around Spain and abroad (USA, Argentina, Italy, etc.).

Now that we have already finished the first workshop (in June), we would like to highlight the implication and interest shown by the professionals that took part in this first visit.

On the other side, we would like to thank the trust that the School Meritxell and its staff have put in Planeta Imaginario Foundation.

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