Staff Summer meeting: training and holidays farewell!

reunión staff verano 2016

The Staff of the Foundation does a new three-month meeting to update and do some training with the whole team.

As usual, the Foundation organizes meetings every three months to incorporate changes in terms of structureand clinical perspectives, always having the goal of improving our daily work with our kids.

At this last meeting, we updated the different projects the Foundation has ongoing at the areas of Clinic, Training and Apps.

We also worked to improve the interpersonal feedback between staff members, as well as the communication with the families and professionals from other entities. We believe that communicating properly is essential and is the main link with our teammates and other professionals, as well as with the families who trust in our work.

In this sense, during the meeting we exposed some real cases and made some role playings to put in practice some of the theoretical notions exposed during the training.

It is always a pleasure seeing how we are able to improve at every meeting and, consequently, offer a better attention to our kids.

We also want to send you our best wishes for your holidays.

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