The School "Nostra Senyora de Meritxell" performs Stage training with the Staff of Barcelona

Curso Formación Escola Meritxell Andorra 2016 

The "Nostra Senyora de Meritxell School” in Andorra performed a training-stage last week in Barcelona.

Throughout the week, part of the “Meritxell Center’s” staff, which moved to Barcelona, joined our different teams in order to see the implementation and praxis of the ABA model for children with ASD.

The training-stage in Barcelona complements the training project that the Foundation has been developing from June 2016 and during the last months, with the main objective of starting the implementation of the ABA intervention at the "Nostra Senyora de Meritxell" , Public Special Education Center of Andorra. In this project, the Foundation and the professionals of the Martixell School have worked side by side to develop the ABA model with some of the patients that Meritxell School has chosen as models for the development of the ABA practical training, and, so for the rest of its users of the same center.

On the other hand, during October, Víctor Rodríguez and Sandra Ballesta, the Director and a Foundation’s Consultant, carried out the ABA Training Course in the same center in order to complement the practical training carried out during the previous months to the course and in view of the scheduled visit held last week with the teams and staff of the Foundation. Throughout the theoretical training are explained the basis of the ABA intervention model and the necessary lines of work for its implementation in the field. The experience of the visit of the Meritxell School’s professionals to our different working-teams in Barcelona has been valuable for the whole team and enormously supportive to continue the training in the Andorran center during the next months.

Finally, from Planeta Imaginario Foundation, we would like to thank the trust placed in our work and our team by the Meritxell School and its entire staff.

We also attach a link to see photos of the training in Andorra.

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