En el siguiente vídeo de Federación Autismo Madrid de la feria #Trastea Sandra Ballesta Galeas consultora y responsable del departamento de Apps de Fundación Lovaas, hace un breve repaso de todas nuestras aplicaciones (Abaplanet e Isecuencias) y nos explica un poco más sobre Isecuencias Vial, la próxima App que sacaremos en breve al mercado.
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Apps destacadas 2015 EEUU

During the past 2015 the apps developed by Planeta Imaginario Foundation have been used by thousands of users, who emphasize their high functionality for children with autism to learn. These apps are based in ABA methodology and focused in developing social and language skills.

As a result of this growing interest, the website Autism Speaks gives us recognition, recommending Abaplanet as a platform that helps the development of language skills, both for children with ASD and children other learning disorders.

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gamificacion juegos apps premios motivacion abaplanet planeta imaginario autismo

Recently, Planeta Imaginario Apps have been invited to take part in a global event, as Gamification World Awards, which awards prizes each year in recognition of the best 'gamification' projects and their creators.

Gamification, is based on introduction of game-like design and mechanics, used in non-game contexts, aiming to boost motivation, focusing, effort and engagement towards a task in pursuit of achieving certain objectives.

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collaboration psychologists students innovation ASD autism

Planeta Imaginario Foundation starts this 2015-2016 season a very special collaboration with ENTI, School of New Interactive Technologies. ENTI, ascribed center to University of Barcelona, offers degrees and master degrees related to new technologies, and trains their students in games and other applications creation.

These programmes are specially focused on games oriented towards social causes, to learn while playing, games reinforcing good habits and supporting disadvantaged or needy minorities.

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isecuences tectea app learning kids autism

Past august 14th and 15th took place at Universidad de Palermo (UP), Buenos Aires, the TECTEA 2015 meeting, which was about technology applied to improve the quality of life of those suffering Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

It was attended by international professionals, who shared the last novelties, research and experiences, with the objective of improving actual tools, helping to spread its benefits for their rapid incorporation into classrooms along educative and clinical centers.

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sant joan de deu apps planeta imaginario

Sant Joan de Dés Hospital, referral center in health and clinic fields, dedicates a note to Planeta Imaginario Foundation’s apps.

ABAplanet and iSequencies get their way in apps’ market in the area of clinic intervention and learning for children with ASD.

We would like to express our gratitude for the recognition given by Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, for showing our effort and passion for our work.

In Planeta Imaginario Foundation we bet for new technologies as enhancing complements and tools in our treatments and services. Artificial intelligence and clinic experience join together for those who need them more.

We go all together building for health y life-quality of the youngsters and their families.

Fundación Planeta Imaginario 

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rebaixes abril apps planeta imaginario

During the whole month of April, autism month, our apps AbaPlanet and iSequencies will be on sale with a reduced price.

iSequences’ new version offers the option that users can create their own sequences adding pictures and text, and during this month it has a reduced price from 3.99€ to 2.99€.

This app works on emotions, autonomy habits, daily situations and social situations through sequencing and it is accompanied by adorable characters.

AbaPlanet, which you can download for free, offers the objects’ SuperPack from 19.99€ to 9.99€.
This app is specifically designed for children with ASD; oriented to basic vocabulary learning and object recognition, all based on ABA methodology.
The objects’ SuperPack includes the 18 packs of individual objects: 300 words distributed in 18 categories: animals, food, vehicles, body parts, etc., with 2100 images to generalize the learning of each concept.

Don’t miss this unrepeatable opportunity, don’t doubt and download these two apps specific for children with ASD and other learning difficulties.

Apps’ Team, Planeta Imaginario Foundation.

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MWC Apps Fundación

Fundación Planeta Imaginario attends Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MBC) presenting our new app AbaPlanet, being part of mhealth world's panorama.


mHealth is part of the International Competition Centers Programme (ICCP) from Mobile World Capital Barcelona. mHealth has a triple objective: identifying opportunities in providing health services with mobile tecnologies; transforming current sanitary processes and models; promoting interoperability of sanitary services in connectivity and mobile tecnologies, building basis that allow mobile health solutions.

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entrevista cugat cat

"" interviews Planeta Imaginario Foundation to know better our task and get closer to ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

Víctor Rodríguez, Foundation's director, talks about apps, autism and how this apps works for ASD.
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Planeta Imaginario Foundation launches iSecuencias 3.0 and AbaPlanet 1.0 and puts artificial intelligence at professional’s, families and children with Autustic Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome service.

Both iSecuencias and AbaPlanet have been designed by our clinic team formed by psychologists specialized in behavior with more than 20 years’ experience working with ASD children.

By launching these apps we want to bring parents and professionals two tools based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) methodology, that has proved its effectiveness in numerous treatment studies with ASD children.

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