New Version 2.0.0 of iSecuencias

Isecuencias 2014

iSequences launches its new version, completely adapted to IOS systems, for both formats iPad and Android. With this new version, iSequences has enabled its customization, making it much easier to use.

Within the new version you will find the following advantages:

A.- New configuration options:
- Display sequence description before or after sorting it.
- Define a customized interval for inactivity sound alarm, or deactivate it.
- Display always prize image when pressing a button or don't display it.
- Establish time between the end of the sequence and the following one.
- When dropping an image out of its destination, the image can automatically return to its position or stay where it is.

*See the attached picture.

B.- Assistances:
- Modified and improved assistance within the emotions game.
- Added assistance within the sorting game.

C.- New added language: German.
Some glitches fixed.

You can purchase the app at the following links: AppleStore, GooglePlay.

We hope you to enjoy it as much as our little champions!

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iSecuencias 2014 Nueva Version


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