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During the first sessions of a treatment with a child, the principal challenge for a therapist is focused on the behavior’s work. To learn a new word, an object’s name, a new game…it is necessary to know first how to listen, how to look, how to wait, how to imitate… Usually, the working material attracts so much the children’s attention that they are not able to control neither their curiosity nor their impulse to manipulate these new objects.

It was during a situation similar to that one, when an educator found out that Abaplanet was something else than a tool to learn words and objects.

When the therapist showed the app to the child, the Abaplanet format and its features made the child enjoy the game instead of seeing it as a task. Throughout working with the application, the child learned quickly to wait without touching anything until the image appeared or the voice told him what to do.

Both, waiting and answering correctly leaded him to the price. On the other hand, hurrying up brought unwanted consequences to the child:

nothing happened or a help was given to restart the task. He had to wait before answering to gain access to videos, songs and new activities.

Abaplanet helped children to accelerate their apprenticeship and to export this learning to other contexts such as the daily work with the therapist. At the same time, it made it possible to gain time on the learning process as well as to generate new ones.

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