Today we launched 2 new specialized apps for children with ASD and Asperger!

Planeta Imaginario Foundation launches iSecuencias 3.0 and AbaPlanet 1.0 and puts artificial intelligence at professional’s, families and children with Autustic Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome service.

Both iSecuencias and AbaPlanet have been designed by our clinic team formed by psychologists specialized in behavior with more than 20 years’ experience working with ASD children.

By launching these apps we want to bring parents and professionals two tools based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) methodology, that has proved its effectiveness in numerous treatment studies with ASD children.

AbaPlanet is a learning app for iPad that allows working on object recognition through an artificial pre-programmed system that takes decisions related to children’s performance, reducing or increasing learning speed when needed.

This app is addressed to parents and professionals. It allows parents to perform therapeutic sessions without needing direct supervision or advanced technical knowledge. And it is also a solid tool for professionals, having an automatic register of children’s performance and an expert system where programming and personalizing their own working sequences.

AbaPlanet helps children learn with autonomy in different contexts: classroom, family or therapy.

iSecuencias has become a reference tool to work social situations, autonomy habits and usual emotional expressions, having more than 50.000 downloads for iPad and Android tablets since it was first launched. This app is oriented to High-functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome children and it has 100 pre-programmed sequences that allow hundreds of possible exercises for basic language acquisition, emotion recognizing and daily life habits, among others.

Version 3.0 iSecuencias update offers an important novelty: personalizing while designing your own sequences with your own pictures, multiplying possibilities from the old version.





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