Guests at the Mobile World Congress to present its new app Abaplanet

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Fundación Planeta Imaginario attends Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MBC) presenting our new app AbaPlanet, being part of mhealth world's panorama.


mHealth is part of the International Competition Centers Programme (ICCP) from Mobile World Capital Barcelona. mHealth has a triple objective: identifying opportunities in providing health services with mobile tecnologies; transforming current sanitary processes and models; promoting interoperability of sanitary services in connectivity and mobile tecnologies, building basis that allow mobile health solutions.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is a foundation dedicated to turn our city into a reference center in mobile technologies. A place where people, companies and institutions work together to make the most potential of mobile technologies as an element to transform daily life and creating new business opportunities. MWCB enhances business development and internationalization through its programs and initiatives.

After iSequences' succes, apeared AbaPlanet, which is more specialized and complete and allows children and adults work with objects' shape and basic vocabulary, classified in 18 categories: vehicles, clothes, food... This app adapts to children, deciding which contents to work based on their learning rhythm. It can be both used at home and therapy.

Our reception at MWC was bigger than expected. It was a great opportunity for apps team to share knowledge with different professionals that came to our stand. Explaining how learning processes develop and how can that be captured by an app always awakens interest.

We are delighted to finally put artificial intelligence at service of people who need it more.

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