Psychologists and ICT students collaborate for innovation in treatment for kids with ASD

collaboration psychologists students innovation ASD autism

Planeta Imaginario Foundation starts this 2015-2016 season a very special collaboration with ENTI, School of New Interactive Technologies. ENTI, ascribed center to University of Barcelona, offers degrees and master degrees related to new technologies, and trains their students in games and other applications creation.

These programmes are specially focused on games oriented towards social causes, to learn while playing, games reinforcing good habits and supporting disadvantaged or needy minorities.

 As a consequence of this collaboration, ENTI students will be able to participate in the development of apps oriented to therapies with kids with Autism or other learning disorders, upon the clinical recommendations of therapists and supervisors.

One of the fields where more progresses are being made regarding in-therapy supports for people with ASD is, doubtlessly, the technological. The effectiveness of tools like iPad for learning in general, and specifically for people with ASD is currently supported by numerous researches and the sympathy of lots of professionals who are using them in their daily practice: special education teachers, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, etc.

In Planeta Imaginario Apps, we have some ongoing projects and novelties, in order to improve our daily practice with kids, to have an impact on their quality of life, and our attention to families.

Therefore, if you want to know more, keep an eye on our blog, and on our social media, Facebook and Twitter, for not missing any details.

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