AbaPlanet goes in for Gamification World Awards

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Recently, Planeta Imaginario Apps have been invited to take part in a global event, as Gamification World Awards, which awards prizes each year in recognition of the best 'gamification' projects and their creators.

Gamification, is based on introduction of game-like design and mechanics, used in non-game contexts, aiming to boost motivation, focusing, effort and engagement towards a task in pursuit of achieving certain objectives.

 Gamification World Awards will be held in the context of Gamification World Congress, which will take place from next November 10th to 13th in Barcelona, gathering the most international renown experts in this field. Awards will recognize the best gamification projects in several categories such as Marketing, Enterprise, Retail, Social Impact, Education, and Health.

The organizers of these awards have taken into account Planeta Imaginario Foundation, through our app AbaPlanet, inviting us to introduce the project in order to be included among the participating initiatives, which come from five continents, and can be geographically placed in the Gamification World Map.

 In this global map, of course is also incorporated AbaPlanet, to contribute with our experience and willing to put at society's service tools like AbaPlanet, conceived aiming to help families and professionals for improving the typical difficulties we find in Autism Spectrum Disorders, as expressive and receptive and language in this case.

AbaPlanet is an app for iPad, based on Artificial Intelligence principles, which takes into account the user's performance, and adapts the difficulty level accordingly. Besides this, one of its conceptual elements is positive reinforcement, through a token economy system obtained through right answers, allowing to get access to certain rewards. Therefore, thanks to this incentive, pupil's motivation increases towards AbaPlanet tasks, by means of game-like dynamics, thus 'gamifying' the learning process.

This is not the first time that global organizations recognize the value in apps from Planeta Imaginario Foundation. Without going any further, this same year, we were invited to Mobile World Congress, a unique and globally relevant event concerning new technologies, to introduce AbaPlanet in context of mHealth, as one of the most outstanding novelties in the field of ITC applied to health.

Furthermore, few months ago, our other appiSequences, was included in a list of 50 best health apps in Spain and Latin America, in a reference report made by TheAppDate and sponsored by Observatorio Zeltia. The complete report can be accessed (in Spanish) by clicking here.

In Planeta Imaginario Apps, we believe is such important creating innovations than knowing how to transmit them through the proper channels, putting them at disposal of those who most need them. Therefore, we are always looking forward to being part of all the initiatives aiming to spread and publish such tools, capable of improving quality of life of the ones we daily work for.

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