The Apps from Planeta Imaginario Foundation highlighted by Autism Speaks

Apps destacadas 2015 EEUU

During the past 2015 the apps developed by Planeta Imaginario Foundation have been used by thousands of users, who emphasize their high functionality for children with autism to learn. These apps are based in ABA methodology and focused in developing social and language skills.

As a result of this growing interest, the website Autism Speaks gives us recognition, recommending Abaplanet as a platform that helps the development of language skills, both for children with ASD and children other learning disorders.

At the same time, iSequences has been selected to be part of a pilot study at the United States in many schools specialized in language disorders. For this study many apps focused in the development of language skills have been evaluated, and iSequences has obtained an average score of 9.8. Abaplanet stands out by its efficacy compared with traditional tools, stressing on: its setting possibilities for different exercises, the inner motivation for the kids, or its potential to work on language and logics, over other specificities. 

We feel very proud to see how Abaplanet and iSecqences are recognized by professionals from different centers, which points out tendency to demand tools based on ABA methodology.

"The best is yet to come"

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