Initial Functional Assessment

The Initial Functional Assessment enables the Foundation’s team to get to know the child in depth and the child to become familiar with the personnel and the method; it also enables a baseline to be established as the starting point for treatment and targets to be identified for the first semester. Additionally it gives parents the opportunity to see how the Foundation works internally.

This assessment is based on a series of observations of the child (over approximately 8 to 10 days, either in the morning or in the afternoon), both playing at home with each of the parents and at school (if applicable); the following tests are also administered:

  • LIFE Curriculum Assessment. A non-standardized test based on 862 items that track the development of the child’s skills every six months.
  • ELAP-R: Early Learning Accomplishment Profile-Review. This test tells us how many months of development the child has in seven basic areas: gross and fine motor movement, pre-writing, cognition, comprehension and language, self-help and socialization.
  • Depending on the age of the child various standardized tests are administered. These tests yield different approximations of developmental levels depending on the various standardized areas.

Within two weeks of the Initial Assessment being concluded the parents are invited to a meeting with the clinical team where they are given a report containing a summary of the data collated from the clinical observations, the standardized and non-standardized tests and an outline of the planned course of treatment.

Consultancy Service

For this type of programme the Foundation does not provide its own personnel; rather it trains external personnel for whom the family are responsible both contractually and in terms of remuneration.

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We can administer two types of programme: Intensive and Semi-Intensive and in both cases two clinical assessments are carried out: one six-monthly and another annually.

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