Associated centers


If you work with children with ASD and want to enrich your clinical practice and that of your professionals, qualitatively improve your intervention programs and care for the children and families you attend, this is your project. "Join us" project was born with the aim of creating a network of centers / professionals / institutions / ... that take the ABA methodology to clinical practice.With this, the Foundation wants to increase its impact, enhance, feed and share with highly trained professionals the improvement of clinical practice.

To achieve this objective, Fundación Lovaas will carry out the training and supervision of the Associated Centers, as well as provide the action protocols so that the professionals of the centers can have:

  • Qualified technical training to develop supervisory tasks and staff training. 
  • Training in the evaluation of the behavior program.
  • Ttraining in design and programming of intervention programs.

The associated centers will also receive direct supervision of their children by Fundación Lovaas, as well as the possibility of internships in our Fundación. If you are interested in learning more about the "Join us" project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Centers associated with the Lovaas Foundation: