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What do we teach?

The intervention programme is aimed at the functional development of all the critical areas in the development of the child.

The method of tackling the difficulties is individualized depending on the main reasons that impede the child from learning in the fastest way possible. Some of these, such as self-stimulation, temper tantrums and other inappropriate behaviours – added to the slowness of learning new skills (verbal skills, imitation skills and so on) - exacerbate the divergence from the typically-developing child.

Based on standardized assessments of performance and the use of behavioural observation, a clinical focus is established that forms the centre of all the areas of work. The intention is thus none other than to try to establish firmly-grounded and consistent skills that enable progressively more complex skills to be taught, such as language and socialization.

The skills to be taught in the programme are broken down into learning units that are as small as needs dictate, thereby ensuring that the child develops within a framework of constant success and fun. This is the basis of all learning: hundreds of scientific studies underscore the efficacy of positive consequences as the chief element of learning.

To this end we use what is technically known as positive reinforcement. These reinforcements are no more than fun elements and activities such as: kisses, hugs, children’s games (hide and seek, chasing and so on) a favourite food, tickles, music, praise etc. This enables us to maintain an atmosphere of success where the child is much more likely to learn than in less motivating, tedious or repetitive situations.

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At the Lovaas Foundation we are highly specialized in early and intensive intervention programmes for children within the autistic spectrum (AS) and in the Lovaas/UCLA program.

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The Lovaas Foundation is fully committed to using new technologies as accessories and tools to reinforce our treatments and services. Know our Apps!


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