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How is the child’s day structured?

During the intervention the child is taught in a one-to-one situation (therapist or parent – child).

Depending on the age of the child and the skills exhibited at the start and during the intervention, daily sessions are structured with a certain number of hours. These range from two to seven and a half hours every day, between five and six days a week. We always aim to work steadily towards a total of approximately 35 - 40 hours per week.

We ensure that the intensity of our intervention programme is manageable for the child, respecting his time and needs in accordance with his stage of development (breakfast, break times, outings to the community, to the park and so on).

Normally we work on a specific task for 2-5 minutes and then have a short rest (1-2 minutes). A longer break of 10-20 minutes is held every one and a half or two hours. This depends on each child, however.

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At the Lovaas Foundation we are highly specialized in early and intensive intervention programmes for children within the autistic spectrum (AS) and in the Lovaas/UCLA program.

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The Lovaas Foundation is fully committed to using new technologies as accessories and tools to reinforce our treatments and services. Know our Apps!


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