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Who carries out the intervention?

The greater part of the intervention is carried out by a team of between two and four therapists; these are graduate psychologists, educational psychologists and people trained in speech therapy or special educational needs.

The therapists are coached using the "UCLA Young Autism Project" training protocol and have to pass quality control assessments before undertaking sessions by themselves. After their initial training, they regularly undergo specific training in behavioural modification techniques and weekly practical supervision. These therapists are coordinated and guided by clinical supervisors with at least 3-4 years’ experience of applying the method. The child’s progress is reviewed each week in a session where the team of therapists, the case supervisor and the child’s parents are all present.

The Director and the supervisor for each case oversee each child’s programme and supervise every advance to ensure that the techniques are being applied in the most effective way. The parents are always kept informed of the procedures being used and by the same token they are offered the chance to suggest new aspects. For their part the parents apply the intervention techniques and procedures to the child’s day-to-day setting and they are equipped by the supervisors with the ability to address the daily challenges that their children present. This strategy of getting parents involved extends to training them directly with the child, with the aim of being able to provide the greatest possible consistency for the time outside the individual sessions.

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At the Lovaas Foundation we are highly specialized in early and intensive intervention programmes for children within the autistic spectrum (AS) and in the Lovaas/UCLA program.

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