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The children who receive our services

The programme is designed to offer treatment to children with a diagnosis within the autism spectrum at an early age.

They should be no more than 60 months old at the time of starting the treatment and not present any other severe alterations at the organic or physical level.

However, the Planeta Imaginario Foundation has recently broadened its range of services and now attends to children whose ages exceed 60 months. It must be borne in mind however that the younger the child, the greater the benefits and effectiveness of behavioural and intensive one-to-one treatment usually are.

The Foundation does not have specialist staff to treat children diagnosed with any other medical condition such as blindness, significant hearing loss, uncontrolled convulsions, Rett Syndrome or severe delays in motor movement.

Know our services

At the Lovaas Foundation we are highly specialized in early and intensive intervention programmes for children within the autistic spectrum (AS) and in the Lovaas/UCLA program.

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The Lovaas Foundation Apps

The Lovaas Foundation is fully committed to using new technologies as accessories and tools to reinforce our treatments and services. Know our Apps!


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