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How can this intervention be obtained?

The intervention offered by the Planeta Imaginario Foundation can be divided into two clearly differentiated services depending on the geographical location of the families wanting the treatment.

Intensive or semi-intensive intervention is offered to families living in Barcelona, and a consultancy service is offered to families who live beyond the Barcelona metropolitan area or whose residence is located in any of the Spanish provinces, with limited services offered to certain places outside Spain.

Families can be assured of receiving the same treatment independently of the geographical location of the child, but there are some areas in which the two services differ:

A. Service in Barcelona

A.1 - Intensive service (40 hours a week)

  • Designed for children who start the treatment at early stages of development (3-5 years old).
  • The team doing the home-based intervention comprises Foundation employees who are specially trained in behavioural modification techniques and theory of learning.
  • One clinical supervisory session is offered per week.

A.2 - Semi-intensive service (20 hours a week)

  • Depending on the case, the team may consist of Foundation employees or a team recruited and directed by the family itself.
  • A fortnightly clinical supervision session is offered.

B. Service outside Barcelona

B.1 - Consultancy service (from 20 to 40 hours)

  • The child’s educational team is made up entirely of personnel selected by the parents and external to the Foundation.
  • Monthly supervision sessions are offered; it is usually the clinical supervisor who travels to the family home for these sessions, setting out the best guidelines for working and carrying out the subsequent training of the educational team.


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